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Being a Mum To Be During Lockdown

Being a Mum To Be In Lockdown

Finding out you are expecting can be a wonderful, scary, nerve-racking, brilliant occasion, but one that is usually made all the more special by having people around you to share it with.

From lockdown to bubbles to social distancing: coronavirus has stomped on the whole experience of being a new mum and that’s just not fair! This blog hopes to bring back the fun for the next generation of mums by sharing ideas and opportunities to make your maternity as magical as it should be.

Get Crafting

An excellent way to entertain yourself, relax and pass those free moments is to get your craft on!

You may find you don’t have much time, or perhaps you have all the time in the world once you’ve reached maternity leave, but for the sake of mindfulness and a positive change in your routine, consider delving into a craft – even if it’s just for an hour every few days.

A great option for expecting mums is to build your crafts around the baby you are growing, so you can showcase all your hard work and efforts once they have been born. Our sewing subscription box gives you the opportunity to build your collection of baby things, one month at a time. All our designs are gender neutral and can be sewn by machine or hand. If you do join us, share your designs using #GrowandSew on your social feeds, and follow us for a chance to discover other creative mums to be.

Attend Online Antenatal Classes

Not only are antenatal classes excellent places to learn about and prepare for the birth of your child(ren), but they offer a great opportunity to mix with people in your area who are also expecting babies.

The pandemic put an end to the traditional face to face classes, which have been replaced with online meetings, however most of the core activities remain the same. You’ll learn how to care for your baby, care for yourself and prepare a birthing plan. Even when online, these groups are generally kept to localities meaning (once it is safe to do so) you have the opportunity to meet with people who attended your class so you and your children can socialise. The online facilities make this process a little harder, but it’s not impossible. Reach out to your group and ask if they would like to join a messaging group (like WhatsApp or Facebook) where you can keep up to date and offer help and advice between classes and for when they end.

Mingle with Other Expecting Mums (Online)

As well as meeting people from your online antenatal classes, you could go a step further and try out some online threads or apps in place to aid the flourishing of new mum friendships:

  • – a platform that allows users to meet and chat to mums at all stages, as well as a place to learn and share ideas and experiences.
  • Mush app – a UK based app offering a communication platform for mums that matches you with mums living nearby to build up a new relationship.
  • Peanut app is sometimes referred to as a ‘Tinder for Mums’…bear with us here…as users view each other’s profiles and ‘wave’ to those they wish to communicate with. The app offers chat streams for mums to use, which are monitored to stop any form of harassment or advertising.
  • Mummy Social offers the chance to filter your searches for mums with babies of a certain age and gender, and share which days you are usually free meaning there is greater chance to arrange a safe (post pandemic) meet up.
  • Bumply is a basic app that may be favoured by the more cautious mums as it does not ask for an exact location and only asks for basic profile information, meaning you can share as much or as little as you want. The app also offers a weekly guide to pregnancy to follow you and bump through the stages.

Meeting mums online is not for everyone, but provided you stay safe and only share as much information as you’re willing to, it can be a safe and fun way to mingle from the safety of your own home until the restrictions allow you to mix with others again.

Find A Children’s Centre

As you may be likely to miss out on any group face-to-face interactions before you give birth, you may find it helpful to join in with groups and activities at your local Children’s Centre. These offer a chance for your child to mix with other children and develop their social skills, as well as giving you a chance to communicate and offload to other mums and health professionals. You can find information about your local centre on the Government’s website.

Remember…You Are Not Alone

Whether you sign up to every app and online group, communicating with other mums 24/7 or if you close this blog and never think about it again, it’s important to remember you are not alone through any of this process and there is always someone who is happy to listen to your concerns. Don’t be afraid to reach out to family, friends or your GP for support if you need it.

If you’ve got any suggestions we’ve missed, let us know!

Stina & Shay x

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