Please note: orders are currently taking 10-14 days to be processed.

Please note: orders are currently taking 10-14 days to be processed.

About Us

Stina & Shay Owners of Grow & Sew

At some point this will be a lovely picture of us both but unfortunately covid has other plans so for now, here’s a picture of us with some of our first subscription boxes ready to post!

Our Story

We (Shay & Stina) have known each other since we started working together at Shay’s bridal boutique in 2011. Since then we’ve become great friends and you’ll often find us bouncing creative and business ideas around over lunch – which usually involves pudding or cake!


Usually we each have a pile of creative projects waiting to be finished. For us creating things is a fun, therapeutic activity.


We’ve had a million business ideas between us but we thought this one was a keeper, so welcome to our new baby…Grow & Sew. Our aim is to bring creative mindfulness to people while they’re going through the adventure of bringing a baby into their family.


If 2020 showed us anything it’s that looking after yourself both physically and mentally can make all the difference to your outlook on life. It also taught us that trying to source all the things you need for a creative project can sometimes be a bloody nightmare, which is why our subscription boxes contain everything you need for the project, even down to a pre-wound bobbin.


We’re so glad to have you here, in our little creative corner of the world.


Shay & Stina x